it was several generations ago that our grandfathers started growing rice in the fertile fields of Punjab Province in the Indian.

Sub- continent. Many generations down the road, half a century ago, the family migrated to newly born Pakistan and turned to trading the precious commodity (rice) as a commission agent under the name of Amin Ittefaq, in the local grain market (ghalla mandi) of Nankana Sahib, a small town on the heart of basmati zone on Punjab.

The words Amin and Ittefaq mean holders of trust and unity respectively. The pledge to “unite” efforts and energies on order to build ‘trust- with the clients has always been the hallmark of Amin Ittefaq sirce Inception. Soon we became a trusted name in the market. In 1970s and 1980s, when Rice Export Corporation of Pakistan (RECP), a public sector enterprise, had monopoly on rice exports from Pakistan, Amin Ittefaq entered into indirect export of rice, and became one of RECP’s leading suppliers.

In 1989, with the withdrawal of RECP’s monopoly over rice exports, Amin Ittefaq entered into direct exports. With the help of God Almighty, on year 1990, we were blessed with an opportunity to join hands with M/S Emco International in Dubai which opened all the avenues of success for Amin Ittefaq on the Gulf Market. The commitment to quality and budding lasting business relationships, based on trust, led to a steady growth in exports and the climax was reached in 1998 when Amon Ittefaq was awarded the trophy of being the largest exporter of Batman rice from Pakistan

Today, we enjoy the trust of our valued clients in almost all the Basmati Rice consuming countries of the world especially in the Gulf and In Europe However, the commitment to tradition and quest for constant improvement continues unabated.


Amin Ittefaq Rice Mills was established at Nankana Sahib and Bucheki in 1952 This is an area, which is extremely fertile and is famous for production of quality Basmati rice. Our mills and warehousing facilities resides in 18 acres of freehold land. Rice trade is our family business, which we have carried for more than 50 years.

We have established our supremacy in the production of basmati rice. Our experience has made us aware of needs of our customers and therefore convenience of our end users is our prime concern. Our commitment to perfection has earned us the trust of our discerning customers. Under the able stewardship of our professional management team we have taken great strides and are the market leaders in export of both white and brown Basmati rice.


Our strength lies in our quality assurance mechanism, our state of the art machinery, and our rich experience in handling rice.

Quality Assurance Mechanism

We are committed to quality assurance at all steps of rice production and processing. Starting from rice cultivation in company-owned farms and contracted-farms of associate farmers, our commitment to quality remains a steady process at all stages paddy procurement, milling, processing, packaging and shipment. For Amin Ittefaq, quality assurance is not a onetime promise but a consistent resolve to deliver the trust of our customers.

State of the art Machinery

Amin Ittefaq Rice Mills is equipped with the state of the art milling and processing plant which includes the most modern length and precision graders, de-stoners, mist polishers and colour sorters. The entire processing from paddy selection to packaging is done on fully-automated plants. A continuous system of incorporating the latest technological advancements in our rice processing plant is one of the unique features of Amin Ittefaq Rice Mills.

Rich Experience

Drawing on generations of experience in r ice cultivation and over half a century of experience in rice trading in local and international market, Amin Ittefaq combines unique expertise in rice farming, high quality processing and competitive supplies to markets in almost all the basmati rice consuming countries of the world Our long tradition of handling the traditional basmati grain enables us to consistently cater to the requirements of our customers.


Once the paddy/rice panes the initial quality analysis, the paddy is sent for drying and the rice is stored in preparation for processing. In the cleaning stage, the two-step process uses both mechanical and density separation techniques which provide the clean paddy/rice for the next stage of the milling process

The shellers remove the outer hull layer from the kernel using counter rotation rubber rollers. The hulls and unshelled paddy/rice are then eliminated from the rice using both air separation and mechanical equipment leaving pure brown rice available for export as cargo rice or for further milling to obtain white rice. The milling or whitening stage removes the bran layer from the rice kernel.

Our modem multi-break, vertical whiteners use both abrasion and friction to gently and efficiently convert brown rice to milled white kernels. The final stage of Amin Ittefaq’s finishing process includes several techniques to clean, destone, sift and polish nilled rice.

Our mechanical sizing equipment lifts nut the head rice, providing cleanest whole kernels. The most modern optical colour sorting equipment procured from Sortex U.K., ensures that only the white and cleanest rice Is packed.


Our quality assurance mechanism starts right from the provision of quality seeds for the company owned farms and the contracted farms of our associate farmers, who produce quality paddy for us under buy-back arrangements, Special care is taken in selection and procurement of finest quality raw paddy, as only best raw materials produce high quality products.

Our fully-automated, state-of-the-art milling and processing plant is an important instrument of our quality assurance System. Besides managing hygiene and clean house keeping, a stringent system of quality control is implemented at all steps in the milling and processing operations so that the tender rice grain retains its inherent quality and purity